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Warning in the EU DSS checker

Hello, when you upload a document signed via ZealID to the EU DSS checker (https://ec.europa.eu/digital-building-blocks/DSS/webapp-demo/validation), although the check is shown as "PASSED", one warning shows: "AdES Validation Details : The signed attribute: 'signing-certificate' is absent!" So, even though the overall result is PASS, there is a risk of some inexperienced validation user pointing to this warning message and saying that there is something wrong with the signature (especially since QES is still not widely used, and there might be some reluctance/hesitation with regards to accepting QES). Therefore, can you work to fix this issue on your end, so that it doesn't display such message? Thanks!

ZealiD CSC 2QR API Token

Hi, I am trying to generate token for CSC 2QR API, have provided all the necessary credentials using your api docs like grant_type, code, client_id & client_secret. But it's showing { "code": 440002, "error": "invalid_request", "error_description": "Request data missing", "message": "Request data missing", "status": "error", "success": false } I have two questions for it. 1. What is missing in my request? 2. When sending authorize request, I have found only one query parameter named code. Then in api docs, you have mentioned that we need api_key for authentication. where will I find this key?

Staging environment tests

Is it possible to do tests in a staging environment? I need tests my app in the staging environment and need to be safe for not affect the production. Thank you