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Getting started


The ZealiD service allows Donors (banks, telcos, national ID schemes, ZealiD services, ID scanning) to share their customer data with Recipients (sometimes also referred to as Merchants) in a unified and dynamic manner using OAuth 2.0. In the ZealiD system user data is called attributes and can be dynamically configured both from the Donor and Recipient sides.


In order to integrate Identity service you will need to do the following steps:

  1. Sign up (contact [email protected])
  2. Get your Unique Id
  3. Get your Recipient Id
  4. Get your API credentials
  5. Integrate Discovery API to generate service URLs (see Donor Discovery API)
  6. Integrate authentication and data retrieval (see Server-side integration)

Unique Id

Location in the control panel:

Recipient Id

Location in the control panel:

API credentials

Location in the control panel:

Data Attributes

Recipients can configure which user attributes they want to receive and which of them are required. If the required attribute is missing in the Donor system, this donor will not be shown to the user.

List of commonly used attributes (more or less attributes might be available depending on which Donor(s) are used):

first_namestringFirst name
last_namestringLast name
personal_numberstringNational personal number
countrystringFull country name
citystringFull city name
addressstringFull address
phonestringPhone number
emailstringEmail address
document_numberstringDocument number (e.g. passport number or ID document number)
document_expiresstringExpire date of the document
documentsarrayList of documents (signed or unsigned) attached to the user
bank_accountstringAt least 6 last digits of IBAN

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Getting started

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