KYC Data

Here you can find more information about usage of KYC data

How to retrieve KYC Data

To retrieve KYC data you need to follow the same flow as with standard data, the only difference is that you need to initiate authentication request for KYC.

For standard data, to retrieve QR code you would follow these steps:
* server side integration guide

For KYC data, you have to do the same, just add URL parameter kyc_data=True to QR code request.

Example URL for authentication with KYC data

IMPORTANT: url param kyc_data=true

# NOTE: production environment

# Open in your browser:

# NOTE: testing environment

# Open in your browser:

Get Data (KYC)

API reference for developers


Required input


  • token (string) HERMES_TOKEN that you receive from get_token endpoint


  • Authorization (string) generated HMAC_STRING for particular request.
  • Content-Type (string) should be "application/json"


Expected output

Default output of get_data call includes:
customer_id (string) your customer_id
data (dictionary) personal data which is configurable eg.:

  • first_name (string) first name of the customer
  • last_name (string) last name of the customer
  • serial_number (string) serial number of the document

kyc_data (dictionary) KYC data which is configurable eg.:

  • document (dictionary) personal document info such as:
    • expires (string) the date when personal document expires
    • issuance_country (string) country code of state, where personal document was issued
    • pictures (dictionary) personal document pictures info:
      • av (dictionary) is documents averse (Documents front side):
        • expires (timestamp UTC) expiration time of av document url
        • url (string) where an copy of the first page of ID card is published
      • rev (dictionary) is documents reverse (Documents back side or the passport BIO page):
        • expires (timestamp UTC) expiration time of rev document url
        • url (string) is URL, where an copy of the second/reverse page of ID card is published
    • type (string) type of document for example ID card

status (string) response status
success (bool) response success flag


About response attributes

  • The customer_id is required in every call related to actions with documents (upload, sign, retrieve)

  • data field is configurable, but depends on the data retrieved from user's bank (sometimes can be empty fields) - check /get_data endpoint for more info.

  • kyc_data filed is configurable. Possible options is document and person_photo

Contact [email protected] regarding customised data and kyc_data fields in response


Be aware!

  • Use correct subdomain:
    • core-hermes - production environment
    • hermes-dev - testing environment

Example request:

    -X POST
    -H "Content-type: application/json"
    -H "Authorization: HMAC hmac_string"
    -d @- << EOF
    "token": "hermes_token_el1gLMbW_qVhIwZeDvuF7Epk9ZxYYqbL7_cWdbYryGI"

Example response:

    "customer_id": "cust_LcUQLQ5Kv9BWw6aI_MbWMDMhae0biSNQb923G78",
    "data": {
        "first_name": "NAME",
        "last_name": "SURNAME",
        "serial_number": "PNOLT-39010101111",
    "kyc_data": {
        "document": {
            "expires": "05-05-2025",
            "issuance_country": "test",
            "pictures": {
                "av": {
                    "expires": 1607854186,
                    "url": "link_to_photo"
                "rev": {
                    "expires": 1607854186,
                    "url": "link_to_photo"
            "type": "test_document"
        "person_photo": {
            "picture": {
                "expires": 1607854186,
                "url": "link_to_photo"
            "expires": "05-05-2025"
    "status": "success",
    "success": true