iFrame localisation

Integrating multi-language support for visible texts in iFrame widget.

All API endpoints support url parameter lang to specify language for rendering visible texts:

langOPTIONALStringurl parameter to request a preferred language in ISO 639-1 format for rendering visible texts.
If a specified language is not supported, by default text will be rendered in English.


  • Parameter value is saved in a browser cookie and is used for succeeding calls in cases where lang parameter is omitted.
  • Language can be provided in multiple formats:
    • Only [language code] ( en, de, fr )
    • Full ISO 639-1 [language code]-[region code] format ( en-en, en-us, de-at)
    • In case of full format, only language code is taken into account.
  • Languages supported in ZealiD CSC API:
    • en (English, default)
    • de (German)
    • fr (French)
  • Alternatively language can be set by calling separate endpoint /set_lang/<lang value>, for example ../set_lang/en