Alternative AML-KYC Pennydrop flow: Data retrieval without need for user to scan additional QR code

This is an alternative Get Data endpoint definition which is to be used for AML-KYC (Pennydrop) flow only.

Upon receiving Webhook Notification, Client can make the Get Data call as defined in this page.

See Identity Attributes for list of all data fields.

The Webhook Notification payload which this Get Data subsequent call must be based on contains:

    "jwt": {
        "timestamp": int_unix_timestamp_of_pennydrop_transaction,
        "user_id": str_id_of_zealid_user,  # needed for subsequent call in Section 2
        "session_id": str_zealid_session_id,  # needed for subsequent call
        "status": str_status_outcome,  # one of (ENUM): "SIGNED", "FAILED"
        "signing_request_id": str_request_id,  # for DocuSign flow - EnvelopeID
        "retrieval_exp": int_unix_timestamp_for_data_retrieval,  # deadline for retrieving KYC data; 24 hours
        "exp": jwt_exp_time,  # this JWT's signature expiration time; 30 minutes

Sample result from this Get Data call:

    "customer_id": "cust_uGgWMSI_JKBFsNsXh9UTY14A-zxPnZ_5mPkk2A6-U_U",
    "data": {
        "first_name": "Žošuą",
        "last_name": "Ķūņpala",
        "serial_number": "PNOLT-39010101111",
        "kyc_data" {
            "holder_name_match": "true",
            "pain_file": "PAIN_FILE_BASE64",
            "qes_validation": "true",
            "is_first_sign": "true",
    "status": "success",
    "success": true
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